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Stubbed Cassandra

making testing cassandra applications easy

Stubbed Cassandra

Developing software is fun. Developing software that is well tested, where those tests run quickly is even more fun.

Stubbed Cassandra is an open source tool that enables you to test applications that use Cassandra in a quick, deterministic way.

It is especially aimed edge case testing such as read and write timeouts.

It acts as a real Cassandra instance and can be primed to respond with results or with exceptions like read timeouts. It does this by implementing the server side of the CQL binary protocol.

It is separated into two components:

The pre 1.0 release of Scassandra, currently v0.10.0, is aimed at Java developers so most of the information is on the Java Client section of the website. The next version will focus on running Scassandra standalone.

Release v0.10.0

Release v0.9.1

Release v0.8.0

Release v0.7.0:

Release v0.6.0:

Release v0.5.0:

Release v0.4.1

Release v0.3.0

Release v0.2.0

Release v0.1:

Feature backlog:

For feature requests and bug reports raise an issue at the Github issues page

Any questions ping me on twitter: @chbatey